Deerfoot Lodge has what anglers need for the best fishing trip

Deerfoot Lodge has what anglers need for the best fishing trip

Two guys holding a string of fish at Deer Foot Lodge

There’s something special about grabbing a beer and retelling the day’s fishing tales with your buddies and fellow travelers at the bar & grill. The perfect vacation means something different to everyone, but if yours means you’re bringing your boat and fishing gear, looking for a spot to launch, and scoping out the nearest bait shop we’d love to host you at Deerfoot Lodge! Here at Deerfoot, we’re anglers so we know what you’re looking for when you travel because we look for those same things when we take a fishing trip.

Location, Location, Location

Anglers know location and timing are important when planning a fishing trip. Staying at Deerfoot gets you centrally located on the Chippewa Flowage, which has more than 15,000 acres of water and 233 miles of irregular shoreline to explore. When you stay with us, you’re never far from your favorite fishing spot or from new places to fish — you never know when that next big musky will be just down the shoreline! The Big Chip is…well big, so if you need some help on where to head to first, we sell maps at the bar & grill pointing you to some Fishing Hot Spots.

And because we’re anglers who love hosting anglers, we love hearing all the fish tales back at the lodge after the sun goes down, and if you register a musky on our musky chart, your first drink back is on us!

Traveling With Your Boat?

Two pontoon boats on the Chippewa Flowage available for rent at Deerfoot Lodge

Fishing trips can have a lot of moving parts, and when you stay at Deerfoot Lodge a lot of those are taken care of. Instead of driving down the road to launch, we have an onsite boat launch, plus plenty of onsite parking for your trucks and boat trailers. Dedicated dock space comes included with every hotel room and cabin rental so you can just get up, brew some coffee, and head out before the sunrise.

When you need to restock on bait (including musky baits), fuel, or boat refreshments just head back to Deerfoot. We have live bait and fuel available dockside spring-fall daily from 9am-7pm. We also sell bagged ice, refreshments, and off-sale alcohol at our bar & grill. When you’re docked for the night, we have electrical posts at the shoreline near every dock, so just bring along an extension cord and you’ll be able to charge all the items on your boat. Before heading to the Lodge for dinner and fish tales, you can take care of your catches of the day in our fish cleaning house with running water (open spring-fall). During ice fishing season, a big blue ice shack is set up near the boat launch for fish cleaning as well.

Don’t Have A Boat?

A Golden sunset happening out over the Chippewa Flowage with Deerfoot Lodge fishing boat tied to the docks

You don’t need a boat to plan a fishing trip at Deerfoot! If you’ve got the rod and reel, we’ve got two options for you.

Shore fishing is a great way to spend a couple hours enjoying the weather, the water, and the views. And at Deerfoot Lodge we have 26 docks onsite, all within a cast of great fishing cover. You never know what might be cruising right along the shorelines! If you’ve got your sights set on getting out on the Big Chip, we rent boats to our guests and the public. We have three 16-feet Lund Fishing Rigs and four 22-feet Fish & Cruise Montego Bay Pontoon boats to get you out on the open water.

Local Fishing Services

We have a lot to offer our fellow anglers when you get to Deerfoot Lodge, but sometimes you need additional services. If you have any issues with your boat or other equipment, you’re in luck because All Mechanical Services, a marine, small engine, and power sport repair shop, is located right next door.

Another great thing about being in Hayward on the Chippewa Flowage is if you’re not familiar with the area or the flowage we work with many talented local fishing guides who can put you on fish, educate you on current conditions and patterns, and mark up a map with fishing spots specifically tailored to what you’re looking for.

Ready to set the hook on an extended fishing vacation or a quick weekend away to enjoy the fishing on the Big Chip? Take it from a group of anglers and stay at Deerfoot Lodge where we’re ready with everything you need so you’re sure to go home with the best fishing tales!

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